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Research and Marketing Exec at PLAY. Enjoys falling off surf boards and demolishing cheese boards.

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Posts by Sarah Kneebone

retail trends: toys and games in 2018

The toys and games industry is in a constant state of flux, with manufacturers and retailers striving to find new ways to entertain and educate their ...

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top 3 food & beverage trends for 2018

Amongst the growth of e-commerce and an increasingly ‘customer-first’ in-store experience, consumers today are shopping categories and channels like n...

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packaging research: is seasonal packaging worth it?

In a bid to boost sales and stay relevant, brands are investing more and more in creating seasonal packaging, costing them time, money and lots of cre...

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FMCG news: wool-worth the bricks & mortar grocery shopping experience

Amongst all the Amazon madness, many people are saying that Australians are going to jump on the online bandwagon and never look back. But what if gro...

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pricing research: psychological barriers and the FMCG approach

  Is it just me, or does a $5 coffee irritate you too? It's that little bit too expensive to swallow, right? Or how about the other way around... does...

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shopper research: social influencers and purchase decisions

Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals and according to the PwC total retail survey 2016, 45% of global resp...

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packaging research: the e-commerce difference

E-commerce has shifted the way that people shop and overhauled the customer journeys we once knew so well. Packaging is just one touch point in this j...

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shopper research: how fear influences purchase decisions

In the past, when someone was out in the wild being chased by tigers, fear caused a ‘fight or flight’ response. In today’s society, fear leads us to p...

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shopper research: colour psychology in packaging

In today’s cluttered and saturated retail environment, there are endless factors which come into play for consumers when making purchase decisions. Vi...

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product testing: what is ABC testing?

Have you ever been drawn to some fancy-looking packaging or heard about a jazzy new concept, but then found that the sensory experience is a total let...

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packaging: the silent salesman


Packaging is arguably the most valuable consumer touchpoint; after all, we all judge books by their covers.


The risks of poor packaging design are huge, and customer alienation can lead to severe losses in sales.


Do you understand the mind of your shopper, and what leads them to purchase? Packaging research is the essential first step in the pack design (or redesign) process.


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