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My Dan Murphy's customer data is valuable to the Dan Murphy’s business. However, member swipe rates were declining due to a lack of compelling incentives.


Endeavour Drinks Group wanted to identify the optimal mix of My Dan Murphy's benefits, which would motivate their customers to actively participate in the program.


PLAY recommended a cost-effective and robust quantitative survey solution, interviewing Dan Murphy’s customers to understand the motivational hierarchy of 20 potential member rewards.


Using a sophisticated ranking exercise, customers were asked to identify the rewards they found most and least motivating.


PLAY prioritised the loyalty rewards which together delivered the greatest motivational reach amongst Dan Murphy’s customers.


We delivered an optimal reward mix which, when combined, would achieve maximum incrementality.


We recommended rewards which were compelling to distinct customer groups, avoiding duplication of resources and expenses for Endeavour Drinks Group.

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"PLAY is my go-to market research agency because of their can-do attitude. They are fun to work and play with."

Alison Turner, Quantitative Research Manager, Nestlé

“PLAY’s ability to simplify what is sometimes a complex innovation research process worked perfectly for us."

Michael Sergeant, Group Marketing Manager, Campari Asia Pacific

"PLAY have shown a strong understanding of research approaches, consumer brands and the FMCG categories we operate in."

Mark Whitby, Regional Consumer Market Insight Manager, Unilever

“PLAY’s no-nonsense approach and ability to quickly get to the heart of the problem makes them the perfect partner for us."

Ned Tesic, Head of Marketing, Sydney Markets

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