They'll still write you a 200-page report though. And that'll put you to sleep.

That's not how we do things at Play. We've always found we get far more useful information out of people when they're actually awake. Funny that. (Unless, of course, we're testing a sleep product. In which case, it's bed-time songs all 'round.)

So if you're launching a new product, or re-launching an existing one, give us a call. We can help you with everything from idea screening to the final product. Concept, product, packaging, claims, price evaluation or full mix optimisation.

Idea evaluation

Got a few great ideas, but need some customer feedback developing one into a fully-fledged product? No problems. We'll find out which one your target market actually thinks is the best.

Simply send us your brainstorm, and we'll:

  • Evaluate – Confirm which ideas (if any) have the greatest market potential.
  • Test online – Conduct some fast, accurate online testing of your ideas. This'll show you which ones resonate best with your target market.
  • Refine – Help you refine and revise ideas to make them more appealing to your target market.
  • Choose a market – Help you define your target market for a particular idea.

Our methods

We choose just the right mix of traditional and new techniques. So participants don't get tired and bored, and you don't get flat data.

  • Integrating emotions (based on an understanding of system 1 & 2 decision-making)
  • Online quantitative and qualitative studies
  • Ad hoc concept testing
  • Infographic based dashboards

Claim revision

Want to know exactly what you should be saying about your product? We test-market different claims and different ways of making them, to show you exactly what message will resonate best with customers.

Pricing & packaging

Don't guess which price-point will work the best. Test it. Same with your packaging. This is all stuff you can objectively measure, before you commit to it. We can evaluate how it will influence customer response with:

  • Interactive shelf design tests – This is a great option if you don’t have a physical mock-up.
  • Central location testing – If you have mock-ups, we test them at a venue where people can actually touch and feel them (if appropriate).
  • ‘What-if’ analysis – We measure how prospective and existing customers respond, and predict the overall effect on sales.
  • Shelf stand-out – We test your packaging against your competitors’ – with people from your actual target market – to see how well it stands out on the shelf.


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