To know what’s really going on, there’s simply no substitute for hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Direct customer experience research.

More benefits than you could poke a stick at

  • Get a better understanding of your customers' attitudes, needs and values. So you can get better at satisfying them.
  • See what affects customer satisfaction the most. So you can focus your efforts and improve customer relations.
  • Increase sales.
  • Attract new customers.

How we do it

You can tailor our research to find out exactly what you need to know. But here’s a rundown of the way we’d approach a typical project:

  • We do some research to see what’s important to your customers.
  • We test how well your company performs on these metrics.
  • We look at the gaps and devise a strategy to bridge them.
  • We help implement the strategy, perhaps even including a series of magazine articles for your staff, showing tips on how to improve customer satisfaction.
  • We run a mystery shopping programme to monitor your progress.


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