How does this relate to you? Sit tight, we’re getting there...

You see, to maximise profit, petrol station operators have to figure out exactly which customers will pay more for shopping convenience. Only then can they target those people directly, in their marketing and product development.

Sound familiar? You may not be running a petrol station, but you’d love to identify the low-hanging fruit, wouldn’t you? You want to understand your customers better. What they like and dislike, what motivates them, who’s buying and who’s not, and why. So you can target everyone appropriately. Perhaps even identify changes in the market, or if there’s a segment you’re missing entirely. Right?

So what do you get when we’re done?

Segmentation is actually a really complicated business. But that doesn’t mean it has to look like waffle when you get your results. To the contrary. If your market researcher is worth their salt, they’ll make it all nice and easy to get your head around. Not dumbed down, but simple and human, so you can actually do something with it.

We present our findings and recommendations in a few different ways. Usually:

A 1-pager for the CEO.

A professionally designed, printed report with all the nitty gritty.

A 5-minute animation that summarises the key insights.


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