Online Communities

Online Communities

It’s like social media created just for you

Ever wondered why people are so opinionated on social media? It’s because it’s fairly anonymous, and they can express themselves from the comfort of their own home. Or car. Or toilet. (Remember, it’s mobile, so they can pipe up from wherever they happen to be.)


A lot of companies whinge about social media. “It’s a threat to our brand...” “Our employees spend way too long on Facebook...” “It’s just a bunch of damn yuppies bangin’ their own drums...”

But love it or hate it, the whole social media concept has a lot to offer market researchers. You can turn all those opinionated breast-beaters into highly engaged research subjects.


How does it all work?

We’re not talking about doing this ‘in the wild’, on Facebook, Twitter and so on. We have our own in-house social media communities – private, scaled down versions of the real thing. They’re full of articulate, engaged participants who we invite. We ask them questions and get them to do stuff, so we can gauge their attitudes, beliefs, and reactions to ideas and products

The whole idea is to get closer to your consumers. They’re responding in the comfort of their own homes, in a familiar social environment, using familiar tools, so they tend to open up more, and be more spontaneous and natural.

Sometimes it’s a short, intense thing, designed to track reactions to specific ideas. Other times, it’s an on-going community, created to track changing attitudes, and develop products and concepts. But either way, it’s a lot more than a simple survey or bulletin-board.

For example, we could ask participants to take photos inside their fridge, video their last meal, try some sauces we sent to them by post, answer a survey, join a discussion in a Facebook-like environment, even co-create ‘the perfect product’ as a team with other participants! All without a researcher present.

Our online community tools

  • Private, mini-Facebooks
  • Online chat tools
  • Surveys
  • Blogs
  • Widgets
  • Online focus groups
  • Mobile apps
  • Discussion boards

Answers you can use

Of course, we know that no matter what research methods we use, you have to be able to make sense of our findings. And put them into action. So we make sure you get all the details you need, but in a format you find engaging, even inspiring.

In fact, you can see a lot of the action, first-hand. Participants use our mobile app to record their thoughts and behaviour ‘on the go’ (video, audio, photos and text), then upload that content directly to our platform. And you get direct access to it all. You can even observe with participants, in real time, if you want.


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