Not ours, though. Blind or branded, controlled or in-home, simple benchmarking or advanced sensory research.

Whatever we do, it's decidedly un-sucky.

It all comes down to testing in a way that leaves participants wanting more. Not necessarily more of your product (although we love seeing that), but more tests.

It's the PLAY way...

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Our expertise

  • Our sensory experts have managed hundreds of product tests for leading global manufacturers
  • We use innovative, creative and reliable techniques
  • Our product-testing platform makes the entire process easy and stress free

Our approach

  • We deliver products straight to the respondents’ door

  • NPD and existing products can be tested, blind or branded, in a wide variety of categories including: grocery, pet care, personal care, home care and alcohol

  • We typically recruit on category usage - a mix of heavy, medium and light category users for each product evaluation
  • All community members are carefully profiled and we include all their standard demographic information in the report
  • Our standard approach allows an additional three custom screening questions and a further three closed-ended questions in the main survey. At least 100 people evaluate each product
  • Our detailed questionnaires collect feedback on the idea (if branded), the packaging (if branded) and the product itself. You can choose to test a single product or multiple products

The extras (because we're warm, fuzzy and nice like that)

  • In most cases a standard product test takes up to 3 weeks to complete but our express service gives even faster results
  • We can heavily customise any part of the process (including the questionnaire, sample size and reporting structure)
  • Tailored solutions are available if you have more complex needs (e.g. a central location test)
  • We can develop new templates to deliver to client-specific global protocols

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