Product Testing

Product Testing

So good, our participants want to test more!

Whether you're testing a competitor's product or 'value engineering' your own, your results will only ever be as good as your methods. And some people's methods suck!


Not ours, though. Blind or branded, controlled or in-home, simple benchmarking or advanced sensory research. Whatever we do, it's decidedly un-sucky.

It all comes down to testing in a way that leaves participants wanting more. Not necessarily more of your product (although we love seeing that), but more tests.


POP UP Shopper Community

So, you’ve got a new product and need to get the low-down before you push it out to market. Or perhaps you want to see how an existing product compares to its competitors?

Why not try our new, low cost, syndicated, in-home methodology? 1000’s of shopper’s across Sydney have signed up to test grocery products through our POP UP Shopper Community.

All POP members are carefully profiled to find out how frequently they buy from different supermarket categories – and we include all the standard demographic information.

Then each month we show them a range of relevant products and ask for opinions.

A few days later, POP members receive a product-testing parcel and we ask them for more feedback.

Our detailed questionnaires collect feedback on the idea, the packaging, and the product itself

You can choose to test a single product or make a direct comparison of products in the same category

15 years' experience with the biggest brands

Our researchers have headed some of the biggest product testing accounts in the world. Take a look in your fridge or pantry. Guaranteed you'll see a good handful of brands in there that they’ve worked on.

In-home testing

More than 350,000 Australians are just begging us to send them products to test in their homes! Well, "begging" might be taking it a bit far, but they're definitely keen, because we make it fun and rewarding. Of course, we make it rewarding for you as well, with in-depth product reviews and evaluations. Fast too. Our process is super-efficient, thanks to automated postal delivery and automatic incentives.

Controlled environment / sensory testing

Want to know exactly what you should be saying about your product? We test-market different claims and different ways of making them, to show you exactly what message will resonate best with customers.

  • Monadic testing – Each research participant tests only one product.
  • Sequential testing – Each participant tests several products.
  • Simple benchmarking – Key performance indicators only (i.e. overall liking, likelihood of purchasing, preference etc.).
  • Sensory testing – We test appearance, aroma, flavour, texture, aftertaste, etc., to figure out exactly how to optimise the product.
  • Observational & video recording – What people say and what they actually do are sometimes vastly different things. By observing participants, we get both sides of the story. And with video, we can actually capture it, so you can see it first-hand.


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