And let’s not forget all the in-store observations, accompanied shopping trips, eye-tracking studies and 3D virtual simulations...

But you know what the biggest take-aways from all this retail research were?

That shoppers will always surprise you.

That these surprises are worth their weight in gold.

That it takes some wickedly canny retail research to uncover them.

Like what? The nitty gritty...

From your point of view, it’s all about figuring out how to sell more, faster, more efficiently, and for greater profit. Whether you’re selling from a physical shopfront or an online store, we can help you understand your customers by answering a swag of questions and obtaining key metrics on:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where do they live?
  • Why are they shopping?
  • Why did they choose your store?
  • How did they get to your store?
  • Which ones buy, and which ones don’t?
  • Why did they buy? Or why not?
  • What did they buy?
  • How did they buy?
  • What did they think of their purchase?
  • What did they think about your store and service?
  • How do you compare with your competitors?

Plus we can answer all the above questions about your competitors too.

How we do retail research

  • Accompanying shoppers to the store to observe their purchases
  • Entry and exit interviews
  • Text or online surveys after purchase
  • Eye tracking
  • 3D virtual simulations


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