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Sarah Kneebone

Research and Marketing Exec at PLAY. Enjoys falling off surf boards and demolishing cheese boards.

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Posts by Sarah Kneebone

sensory research: the basics

Baffled or bored by the science-y connotations of the term 'sensory research'? We get it. That's why we're diving into the subject in classic PLAY sty...

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alcohol trends: tapping into health conscious drinkers

More fun, less guilt…   As many Australians choose to reduce their alcohol consumption, or even go teetotal for the sake of their health; how can alco...

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innovation research: consumer-led product design

Here at PLAY, we’re all about putting the consumer first and keeping things real in the process. However, we know that when it comes to innovation; th...

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packaging research: the basics

Here at PLAY, we believe that packaging can be the most powerful and valuable consumer touchpoint out there. However, packaging research and design is...

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FMCG trends: the rise of innovative niche 'wellcare' players

The FMCG landscape is changing. As health and wellness becomes more of a priority to consumers, the lines are blurring between the domains of consumer...

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FMCG trends: adapting to an older market

Brands today are often guilty of focusing too much attention on the younger generation - the group of consumers typically seen as more 'glamorous' for...

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FMCG research: rethinking innovation

Populating the pipeline for the future has been an ongoing challenge in FMCG. It’s time to unite foresight, insight, science and technology in order t...

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retail trends: what does personal customer service mean today?

Personalisation is everywhere in retail today. The pressure is on for retailers to operate with a multi-faceted 'omni-channel mix' of different online...

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shopper research: made in Australia - does anyone really care?

Today it is easier (and often cheaper) than ever before to buy international goods both online and in-store. Faced with endless choices and options, d...

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FMCG trends: the snacking revolution

Snacking has long been a part of most people’s daily lives. The biscuit-in-tea-dunkers. The hummus and carrot stick chompers. The 3pm Coca-Cola guzzle...

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packaging: the silent salesman


Packaging is arguably the most valuable consumer touchpoint; after all, we all judge books by their covers.


The risks of poor packaging design are huge, and customer alienation can lead to severe losses in sales.


Do you understand the mind of your shopper, and what leads them to purchase? Packaging research is the essential first step in the pack design (or redesign) process.


Download our 8 top tips to help you navigate the difficult journey, maximise opportunities and avoid the common pitfalls.


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