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How to effectively present and share insights within your organisation

Isn’t this the part we’re all waiting for? Sharing the precious, powerful insights that you’ve worked tirelessly to uncover with the rest of your organisation?
We get it. Sometimes it can be an absolute NIGHTMARE rifling through lengthy, complex market research outputs. Sure, it’s interesting information (at least to us nerds!) but when your ultimate goal is to share some actionable insights internally - less can be more!
In this blog post, we’re sharing our take on how to present and leverage distilled insight, so you can achieve stakeholder buy-in, move the business forward, and look smart as hell in the process.


When less is more

In some cases, you may want to request intricate detail from your agency. However, nothing packs a more powerful punch than a distilled insight that can carry weight and significance throughout a business.
Not all findings and observations from research are necessary, or even interesting, depending on who will be consuming the information.
Will these findings be presented to the exec team who are just looking for something top level? Will they be presented to people who aren’t into numbers and just want the action items?
Distilled insights that can illuminate, inform or interrupt other activity within a business are what make a piece of research so powerful.
Concentrating the knowledge that was gained from a research project into 3-5 powerful insights can be the key to project success. This final output provides the opportunity to leverage other research, or strategic and tactical plans, around those key insights.

Getting the right outputs from your agency

Choose an agency that will steer well clear from text-heavy presentations and knows how to adapt the output to the mode of ingestion.
Before you engage a research agency, make sure they’re on board to tick the following boxes: 
  • A succinct, engaging and interactive presentation including things like Vox Pops, full page diagrams, video content and consumer voice snippets

  • An in-depth report with clear headlines including data tables, secondary research and graphs, as well as the necessary due diligence with charting – sample sizes, questions and axis labels

This way, you'll have the data and insights you need to feel well informed, and the delivery vessel you require to ensure the key messages get across - loud and clear, far and wide.


Making it shareable

We know how research can sometimes sit within a company - discordant, disparate and disconnected. So, how do you get around this?
Firstly, if provided by your agency (encourage it!), leverage frameworks of understanding to help bring research to life within your organisation by creating an almost formulaic way of understanding.
Stakeholders will then be able to digest the information much more easily than they would a list of insights tacked onto the end of a presentation.
Secondly, as you well know, reports do not always get read by all stakeholders. That’s why we think it’s so important to summarise the report into key insights. Ideally, your agency will do this for you, but if not, you can do this yourself before sharing internally.
Lengthy reports can often bury punchy insights in too much detail and explanation. This makes the cognition of the insight too labour intensive, especially for the wider business who don't have the time or the research/data know-how to fully digest it.
Varied imagery or diagrams that can be “shareable” and bring an insight to life can often prove to be the most effective slide to help you gain traction internally.
Remember, sometimes all you need is one winning slide.


Over to you  

So, how can you begin to effectively present and share insights within your organisation?
Firstly, get yourself a market research agency who will:
  • uncover the actionable insights you need to move forward AND
  • deliver them just like an ad agency - with beautiful simplicity
Only THEN will you be in the position to disseminate those insights throughout the business, and drive impactful change.
Are you ready to create change in your organisation? Make that important first step to gleaning powerful consumer insight - give us a call on 02 8097 0200 or email us via

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