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by: Sarah Kneebone

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."-Helen Keller.


We hear you, Ms Keller. It's a philosophy close to our hearts, and it's why we thought it fitting to share something which really drives the PLAY team. It's slightly deep, a little soppy and borderline cheesy. But if you can't say it on Valentine's Day, when can you? 

We’re often thinking about the relationships, connections and partnerships in our lives (by the way, it’s totally okay if you’re thinking about your dog right now). So, here’s something important to consider, especially if you're not feeling the love yet.



Ask yourself this: what do you want from your partnerships?

  1. To feel understood?
  2. To believe that you’re both in it for the long-haul?
  3. To feel that you’re on the same team?
  4. To evolve and learn?
  5. To feel valued?
  6. To trust that they’ve got your back?
  7. To feel like the other person actually gives a sh*t?

At PLAY, we want this too. We believe that asking the right questions upfront is key. 

That’s why we firmly believe in partnerships not projects. And we’re passionate about it.

work partners


What does a PLAY partnership look like?

Many of our clients have been with us since day one (you know who you are!), and we reckon that’s because we make it our mission to ensure that partnerships not projects’ is completely instilled in the way we work together. 

Whether that’s by proactively coming up with unexpectedly innovative solutions, making that  24-hour-turnaround happen or creating a sharp deliverable which helps both the insights team and the leadership team.  To paraphrase Bryan Adams, everything we do, we do it (literally) for you.

It’s about sitting on the same side of the table. It's about asking the hard questions of each other to ensure we're on the same page. It's about sharing trend pieces and insights that help you plan ahead.

And of course, having a PLAYful attitude... cause where’s the joy in a partnership if it’s no fun?! 

flock of birds sticking together

The honeymoon ain't over.

Now more than ever, as insights teams get leaner and piles of work grow, we are all in need of better partners to support each other through the ups and downs.

To us, this means finding a partner who makes life easier, takes out the hassle and delivers the sweet relief of holistic solutions.

If we’re already PLAYing for your team, we hope you’re feeling our love.

However, if you're not feeling the love and would like to, our Tinder profile - ahem, we mean, our door - is always open.

Happy Valentine's Day (we'll be celebrating all the discounted chocolate tomorrow).


Let's make it official.

Ready for some love? Get in touch to understand the possibilities today using the orange enquiry button to the right. We promise we won't ghost you.


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Sarah Kneebone

Sarah is PLAY’s go-to content writer with a passion for marrying creativity and communication with clever strategy. A former marketer with PLAY and for international brands such as QBE Insurance and General Motors, Sarah moved home to the UK to raise her little family and start a health coaching business. Luckily for us, she continues to share her talent for the written word with the team in Australia.

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