coffee: enabling a strategic product call, at lightning speed


It was Tuesday. We’d been working with a well-known coffee brand to help them evaluate several options for a new product launch, and had a test location booked for the coming weekend.


Everything was going swimmingly until our client called us with the dramatic news: the decision was to be brought forward, and they needed the research insights before the weekend. Calamity! 


Fortunately, the PLAY team is accustomed to tight deadlines and works extremely well in a crisis. We brought all hands on deck to secure a new venue, contact all our research participants and coordinate a new session for Friday (a super tough recruit).


As we have unique codes for all of our participants, it allowed us to streamline the process, and we were able to group users and gather the results quickly.


We sent a topline report to our coffee client, outlining a clear product preference, on the Friday evening.


The company was, therefore, able to make a clear and informed call regarding their new product direction within their reduced timeframe. Crisis averted!

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"PLAY is my go-to market research agency because of their can-do attitude. They are fun to work and play with."

Alison Turner, Quantitative Research Manager, Nestlé

“PLAY’s ability to simplify what is sometimes a complex innovation research process worked perfectly for us."

Michael Sergeant, Group Marketing Manager, Campari Asia Pacific

"PLAY have shown a strong understanding of research approaches, consumer brands and the FMCG categories we operate in."

Mark Whitby, Regional Consumer Market Insight Manager, Unilever

“PLAY’s no-nonsense approach and ability to quickly get to the heart of the problem makes them the perfect partner for us."

Ned Tesic, Head of Marketing, Sydney Markets

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