how to minimise risk for new product launches


A major FMCG brand was launching a new personal care brand to market. As with all product launches they needed to test that their packaging design would win on the shelf; but also if the product lived up to the brand promise. 



Everyone at PLAY has a minimum of five years of research experience. We're able to leverage this expertise to deliver fast, smart solutions and analysis to create actionable insights. 


We ran a physical shelf test comparing the current supermarket seven-bay aisle planogram with a test planogram that included the new products. Shoppers completed purchase exercises to measure the effect of the launch on basket size and spend, followed by interviews to understand their response to the products on the shelves.

The second stage was an in-home use test bringing the responses of real consumers direct to key internal stakeholders.


By examining buyer behaviour and in-home usage we were able to present a holistic overview and indication of the product's likely success, minimising the risk of a failed product launch. 


Armed with these powerful insights, the client was able to persuade retailers to support their product launch in a highly competitive category. 

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