preventing a costly relaunch misstep


A category captain was looking to modernise its packaging as part of a campaign to reinvigorate the brand.

The team had developed a new packaging design but were wary of alienating current and loyal buyers. 



Using focus groups we were able to dig deep into the category and its prevalent brands, examining brand attributes and packaging designs in context thanks to our in-house small wall. 


Before the research, the new design was assumed to be a winner, but the results were surprising. 


Both buyers and non-buyers still liked the current packaging and didn’t see a real need for change.


Whilst the new design was more modern, it failed to deliver on some of the key elements that consumers thought important.


The research revealed a ‘checklist’ of element and design considerations that shoppers were looking for. Back to the drawing board for the client!


Off the back of this insight, we recommended creating a new packaging solution that incorporated the important elements of the current design, rather than just delivering a ‘go/no-go’ response. 


Armed with this new information, the client created four new packaging design routes for testing in the qual stage and in doing so prevented a costly re-launch misstep.  

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