stretching beyond a brand's heartland


A leading FMCG wanted to expand the footprint of a key brand within the snacking category. The brand was an adult proposition surrounded by younger-skewing competitors that typically had sweeter taste profiles.


We needed to explore ‘permissibility’:


  • Permissibility for the brand to stretch beyond its historical heartland.

  • Willingness of parents (aka the ‘gatekeeper’) to accept and purchase the offer for their kids as much as for themselves.

  • Permission to expand into alternative flavour territories.


Product Clinics were the key. 


We recruited parent-child pairs to the same location. Parents and kids respectively participated in the product clinic but separate from one another.


  • Kids were able to express how they felt about the category AND the products being tested without worrying about whether their parents would agree.


  • Parents were able to express their key decision criteria (and sensory feedback) without having to ‘hide their agenda’ from their kids.


Remarkably, the feedback from both kids and adults were well aligned, despite the discussions being completely separate from one another.


The results gave clear parameters around the kinds of ‘promise’ the product could overtly make to keep kids interested and parents happy, whilst identifying the support messages (e.g. back of pack) which assuaged possible anxiety of the ‘gatekeeper’.

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