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A liquor retailer had recently started renovating their stores and were set to roll this out across the market.


Our client, a competitor liquor retailer, needed to understand how their competitors changes might impact shopper behaviour in-store so they could compete effectively.


Although they already had access to survey data, our client wanted more... 


We conducted qualitative depth interviews across the competitor's stores with shoppers of different liquor categories that had been to the store pre- and post the change.


We caught them ‘in the moment’ when they were about to make a purchase and got in-depth feedback as to what caught their attention in store and whether the store change made them more or less likely to visit again.


Our researchers have 10 years or more experience. This allowed PLAY to use a senior researcher to conduct the interviews and provide a deeper interpretation of results.


Not only was the project fast and cost effective, the research revealed a ‘checklist’ of element and design considerations that shoppers were looking for.


Our client was able to adapt this 'blueprint' for their own retail stores. 


Quantitative data alone could have been misinterpreted. Being at the ‘point of purchase’ and providing qualitative ‘colour’ allowed the right interpretation of the quant results.

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