wild turkey bourbon wins with new pack design


Wild Turkey is the third largest Bourbon brand in the Australian market.


To continue to keep the brand’s ready-to-drink offering relevant while appealing to drinkers of competitive bourbon brands, they wanted to update their pack design as part of a ‘new look, same bold taste’ campaign.


However, they wanted to ensure that their fiercely loyal Wild Turkey brand advocates wouldn’t be alienated by these pack changes.


The Wild Turkey team gave PLAY their preferred new pack design to test on a group of target consumers and brand loyalists to see how it stacked up against the original, more familiar pack.


PLAY simplified the process to ensure the research focused on the most critical components. We used our efficient and effective methodologies to review the new pack design against Wild Turkey’s core KPIs.


We presented clear, engaging outputs that focused on the most important issues that had been raised in our initial briefing brainstorm.


These outputs were very effective in engaging the leadership team. We were also able to isolate three ideas that would help Wild Turkey optimise the effectiveness of the pack on shelf, and these were subsequently implemented.


We were thrilled with the results when the new pack went to market. In a challenging bourbon category, Wild Turkey managed to improve share post relaunch, despite the dramatic shift in pack design.

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