packaging: mind hack your shopper

Do you understand your shopper's mind enough to influence that final purchase decision?

In the first of a 5-part series, PLAY explores the mind of the shopper in a retail environment with a focus on packaging. This report includes: 

[EXCLUSIVE] interview content with industry experts
  1. Rodney Sammut (Head of Customer Insights at Endeavour Drinks Group)
  2. Michael Sergeant (Global Marketing Manager at Casella Family Brands)
  3. Justin Dowel (Managing Director at Natures Organics)
> Important academic thinking and findings which apply to the retail environment
  • > Real world examples and practical tips for marketers

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“PLAY have shown a strong understanding of research approaches, consumer brands and the FMCG categories we operate in. They have successfully turned around fast research projects as required but they have also challenged us and worked in partnership on a number of more strategic challenges.”

Mark Whitby, Regional Consumer Market Insight Manager,
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