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product research:

is an in-home usage test the answer?


In-home usage tests are a critical part of sensory research. However, researchers should consider some key factors before deciding whether to include valuable in-home usage tests in their next product development project. 

Learn why an IHUT could be your solution:


    • What is an IHUT and how does it work?
    • Which products work best with an IHUT?
    • What are the key benefits of an IHUT (vs. a CLT)?
    • PLUS three crucial considerations before embarking on IHUT.

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how does an IHUT work?

Learn how an IHUT works in practice and why respondents love it.

which products work best with an IHUT?

Discover the situations when an IHUT is your best friend and why.

what are the benefits of an IHUT?

Learn the key benefits of an IHUT, explored in comparison with a traditional CLT.

key IHUT considerations

What do you need to consider to ensure the best results and insights? What kind of approach works best?

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