gen z to boomers: how to market to every age

Not all generations are created equal when it comes to marketing messages. In fact, quite the opposite.


In this report, we examine where your brand needs to be to capture your whole audience's attention - from gen z all the way to baby boomers.


unpacked: sustainable packaging trends

If you're looking for some hints to minimise your brand's environmental footprint, look no further.


Learn about the growing sustainable packaging market, our predictions, growth drivers, and quick tips for achieving success.



how to build a powerful brand

In this free report, we examine the critical role of research in creating a powerful brand and share the best ways to uncover consumer truths.


reaching new highs - Australia's cannabis industry report.

Australia's cannabis industry is set to explode as legislation catches up to consumer demand.


Find out how brands can maximise this smokin' opportunity.


does Amazon spell the end for Coles and Woolies?

In this free report, we examine whether the rise (and rise!) of Amazon signals the end for Coles and Woolworths. The answer might surprise you...


connecting with consumers - it's only natural

Get your hands on PLAY's 2018 AIFST presentation content.


Explore the rapidly growing “naturals” market as we get to the bottom of what exactly “natural” means to Australians. Discover driving factors at the heart of this lifestyle shift and find out how the food industry can adapt to succeed.


making innovation happen

PLAY teamed up with Monash Food Innovation to bring you this white paper on all things FMCG innovation.


We dig into the innovation problems facing the industry, why we need to 'rethink innovation', as well as how to create an end-to-end process which facilitates product renovation and enables true innovation.


harnessing the consumer perspective

Got a creative idea? Read our quick guide to find out how to incorporate the consumer perspective early on in the innovation process, and avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to resources being plunged into product launches that fail.


driving brand growth:
the secrets every marketer needs to know

Distilled and ready for you: some of the most interesting ideas that have arisen in the insights and marketing community in recent years.


These learnings are relevant for anyone who gets to influence FMCG brand growth, but also highly applicable across other industries. Download now to get the secrets...


product research:
is an in-home usage test the answer?

Is it time to consider in-home usage testing as an alternative to traditional CLTs? Wondering what key benefits IHUTS bring to the table, and when they are appropriate to use? This is the guide you need.


actionable insights:
beyond the buzzword

What's the real difference between a finding and an insight? Discover how to identify insights that drive business growth.


We've included our 5 top tips and key questions to ask to help you hit the marketing jackpot.


a segment profile
done right

To market effectively, you need to first understand who you are marketing to.


See through our 'foodie traveller' infographic, how you can succinctly and beautifully bring your segment profile to life.


the silent salesman

Thinking of a packaging redesign? Embarking on a new packaging design can be fraught with dangers and pitfalls.


Let PLAY's experts guide you to make objective, intelligent decisions based on real shopper scenarios.


mind hack your shopper

PLAY explores the mind of the shopper in a retail environment, with a focus on packaging. 
EXCLUSIVE interview content with industry experts. Important academic thinking and findings which apply to the retail environment. Real-world examples and practical tips for marketers.

7 key influences for brand growth

Enjoy an all-access pass to our presentation, '7 of the most influential consumer research findings to consider when planning for brand growth'.


Ideas which are fundamentally changing the approach many businesses take when creating strategies for brand growth. You don't want to miss this.

get the playbook
Get your copy of the content from PLAY's 2018 AIFST Convention presentation:
'Connecting with your consumers: it's only natural'

Explore the rapidly growing “naturals” market, as we get to the bottom of exactly what "natural" means to Australians. Discover four key driving factors at the heart of this lifestyle shift and find out how the food industry can adapt to succeed. BONUS: find out where we believe the future of "naturals" is going.


you're in good

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"PLAY is my go-to market research agency because of their can-do attitude, their willingness to try something new, their continual strive for the best technology and products as well as their sharp, concise, insightful reporting. They are fun to work and play with."

Alison Turner, Quantitative Research Manager,

“PLAY’s ability to simplify what is sometimes a complex innovation research process worked perfectly. They approached the challenge efficiently, and quickly identified how the new packaging would deliver against our brand’s KPIs, and where there were opportunities to optimise the new designs further.”

Michael Sergeant, Group Marketing Manager,
Campari Asia Pacific

“PLAY have shown a strong understanding of research approaches, consumer brands and the FMCG categories we operate in. They have successfully turned around fast research projects as required but they have also challenged us and worked in partnership on a number of more strategic challenges.”

Mark Whitby, Regional Consumer Market Insight Manager,

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