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why supporting local is the new premium


why supporting local is the new premium

Have you noticed more 'Australian-made' signage in your local supermarket? Maybe your social media feed has increased mentions of supporting local businesses?

We certainly have. So, we decided to dig a bit deeper to understand where this renewed support is coming from and how you can make it work for your brands and products.

vegan trends, opportunities & challenges in the Australian market


vegan trends, opportunities & challenges in the Australian market

Get a quick read on 3 top Australian trends you can tap into.

Learn about how private label brands are challenging more established vegan brands and which brands our Australian panel prefer.

in-home meals

& cooking trends:

Covid-19 & beyond


in-home meals & cooking trends: Covid-19 & beyond

With more time at home and looming recessionary concerns, Aussies are cooking more and more - and getting more creative. So, what does this shift in behaviour and purchase habits mean for brands now and beyond the pandemic?

Find out in our exclusive report.

how to build

a powerful brand


how to build a powerful brand

In this important report we examine the critical role of research in creating a powerful brand and share the best ways to uncover consumer truths - and act on them.

watch innovation

sprints in action


watch innovation sprints in action

Whether you conduct them online or face-to-face, innovation sprints are a potent tool to fast track innovation in a way that suits your team, timeline and budget.

Get a glimpse into the process of developing a new product through innovation sprints.

connecting with consumers: it’s only natural


connecting with consumers - it’s only natural

Explore the rapidly growing naturals market as we get to the bottom of what exactly 'natural' means to Australians.

Discover driving factors at the heart of this lifestyle shift and find out how the food industry can adapt to succeed.

what's #trending

amongst Aussies

during coronavirus


what's #trending amongst Aussies during coronavirus?

In our exclusive wrap up report, we explore some of the emerging trends originally featured in our coronavirus infographics in much greater depth. Find out our top four trends to watch and how they can give you a new, meaningful way to connect with your customers in this new normal.

harnessing the
consumer perspective


innovation: harnessing the consumer perspective

Got a creative idea?

Read our quick guide to incorporate the consumer perspective early on in the innovation process and avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to resources being plunged into failed product launches.

reaching new highs
- Australia’s cannabis
industry report


reaching new highs- Australia’s cannabis industry report.

Australia's cannabis industry is set to explode as legislation catches up to consumer demand.

Find out how brands can maximise this smokin' opportunity.

driving brand
growth: the secrets
every marketer needs
to know


driving brand growth: the secrets every marketer needs to know

Want to know some of the most interesting ideas that have come from the insights and marketing community?

We've pulled together a summary of our favourites to help kickstart your brand growth.

gen z to boomers:
how to market to
any age


gen z to boomers: how to market to any age

Not all generations are created equal when it comes to marketing messages. In fact, quite the opposite.

In this report, we examine where your brand needs to be to capture your whole audience's attention - from gen z all the way to baby boomers.

unpacked: sustainable

packaging trends


unpacked: sustainable packaging trends

If you're looking for some hints to minimise your brand's environmental footprint, look no further.

Learn about the growing sustainable packaging market, our predictions, growth drivers and quick tips for achieving success.

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From my first conversation with the PLAY team, I was really impressed. I reached out to them with a qualitative brief that needed a very quick turnaround. The team were extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. Given the tight recruitment specs, an online panel was suggested. It proved to be fantastic as it gave us rich insights as well as the opportunity to probe areas of interest. I wouldn't hesitate to work with PLAY again or to recommend them to others.